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Forget about business as usual. The world is constantly changing, and so are our business environments. Forget the phrase “business as usual”. Change is an inherent quality of life.

You can read the impact of these changes directly in the quarterly reports of companies all over the world. New desires, new needs, new habits. They affect our businesses. Some doors are opened. Other doors are closed.

Just think about the tremendous growth in world population. Or about how leaps in technology have changed everyday life through the last twenty to thirty years. The green shift we see ahead of us will change our business models and behaviour. We might cherish some changes and be worried by others, but our focus should be directed towards the question: how do we tackle these changes?

The maritime industry needs more innovative and sustainable solutions in order to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  This is high on the agenda across our industry and in Grieg Star.

Grieg Star is committed to the principles in the UN Global Compact and seeks to continuously improve our performance in joint effort with others in the industry.  The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network represents one key arena for sharing experiences and strengthening efforts to tackle corruption challenges.  We are encouraged by signs of positive developments in i.e. the Suez Canal, infamously known as ‘the Marlboro Canal.’ Forget business as usual – this is a new habit.

We have been good at handling change in the Grieg Group. In 2014 we celebrated 130 years of business. For 130 years we have had the foresight, resources, courage and probably the luck necessary to thrive in a global competitive environment. For Grieg Star, 2014 was a challenging year with tough markets, but our financial position remains solid.

So what’s our recipe? Well, it’s very simple and extremely demanding: To understand the world in which we are operating, make sure to have qualified assumptions about where it is heading, and the ability to adjust our business models and services accordingly.

To me change is first and foremost a state of inspiration, meaning and intrigue. We change for a reason. Because there is something we want to achieve, something we believe will improve people’s lives, our companies or even our society. We want to leave traces also outside our economic results.

Elisabeth Grieg
Grieg Star, Chair

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