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Creating Lasting Value Through Generations

In 1884, Joachim Grieg established his shipbroking firm in Bergen, at the west coast of Norway. Since then, five generations Grieg have developed our company into successful businesses worldwide led by dedicated colleagues who strive to improve, develop, and reduce our footprints.

Our Companies

We operate within Seafood, Shipping, Shipbroking, Maritime Innovation, Logistics and Investments. We are 1691 colleagues, located in 8 countries worldwide.

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Grieg Maturitas

Grieg Maturitas is the holding company in charge of the short- and long-term interests of the Group. The administration is also our family office with legal, IT, compliance, finance, investment, cyber security and communication expertise.

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Grieg Foundation

Grieg Foundation is a celebration of our responsibility to create a more compassionate society. The foundation owns 25 percent of the Grieg Group and has since its establishment supported national and international projects with more than 805 MNOK. The foundation is led by Ingvild Hestad.

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Grieg Maritime Group

With innovation and sustainability as cornerstones for their business, Grieg Maritime Group aspires to design and operate maritime solutions for the future. Building on over 60 years of experience within Open Hatch and bulk shipping, the group of companies now host a variety of businesses: ship management, ship owning, sustainability services, sustainable recycling of vessels, energy and infrastructure ventures, decarbonisation ventures within short sea shipping, and other ventures related to the maritime industry. The group is also co-owner of the world’s largest Open Hatch shipping company, G2 Ocean. Matthew Duke leads the company.



G2 Ocean

Grieg Star

Grieg Green

Grieg Edge

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Grieg Logistics

Grieg Logistics is a well-established provider of ships services, advanced digital systems and industrial terminal operations within and outside of Norway. The company operates within the maritime sector, in addition to the Norwegian Armed Forces through a contract of logistics collaboration. The company is led by Stig Trygve Andersen.



Grieg Logistics Ships Services

Grieg Connect

Grieg Strategic Services

Grieg Shipbroker's talented shipbroker, Marit Eiken Fosse, works on a PC.

Grieg Shipbrokers

Established as Joachim Grieg & Co in 1884, Grieg Shipbrokers was the first company of the Grieg Group. The company serves clients worldwide, providing expertise within sales & purchases, dry cargo, offshore, maritime finance and research. The company is led by Morten Müller.

Grieg Aqua and Grieg Seafood employees monitor their salmon farming.

Grieg Aqua

Through Grieg Aqua, The Grieg Group is a majority owner of one of the world’s leading fish farming companies, Grieg Seafood ASA. The company was grounded in the early 1990s by the Grieg family and was listed at the Oslo stock exchange in 2007. Grieg Seafood has farmed the ocean for almost three decades, continuously improving, targeting 90 000 tonnes of harvest in 2022. Grieg Seafood operates in Norway, British Columbia, and Newfoundland.



Grieg Seafood

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Grieg Kapital

Grieg Kapital is the Grieg Groups investment company, specializing in aquaculture and technology. The company was established in 2018 and operates in line with the Grieg Group’s policy for responsible investment, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Grieg Investor

Grieg Investor is an independent institutional investment consulting practice based in Norway. Their core business is long term investment policy, manager selection and consolidated reporting. Grieg Investor is authorized and regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet). The company is led by Tiril Jacobsen. The Grieg Group owns 55 percent of the company.