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Driving Innovation


Business as usual is not enough to meet the sustainability challenges our industry faces – we must innovate to thrive. To become a positive driving force for sustainable development, we must think big and create a purpose-driven organization with a culture of innovation. Innovation within and across our industries is vital for our future success.

Our Initiatives

Within the Group, we have the expertise and experience to invest and nurture insights and projects that enable us to capture new opportunities. These cases show how we deliver shared value while innovating moving forward:

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Welcome! Next generation green fuels

Global sea transport of goods constitutes 2-3% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on an annual basis. To keep our planet livable with a healthy environment, shipping needs to transition towards zero emissions.

North Ammonia was established by Arendals Fossekompani and Grieg Maritime Group in 2021 to enable the green shift in the maritime sector.

Orange containers stacked in the evening.

The world of intelligent logistics

Digitalization is referred to as the fourth major innovation cycle in human history. It is key to sustainable transformation and development for businesses, sectors, and societies.

Grieg Connect provides a unique set of digitalized management systems, enabling a strong and sustainable maritime-transport sector.

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Utilizing data analytics to improve

Digitalizing salmon farming is about applying advanced sensors, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation, with the aim of supporting farmers to make better decisions in everyday operations.

Grieg Seafood are at the very beginning of understanding how to apply digital tools to improve farming operations. Using digital tools and analytics, and predicting biological events ahead of time allows the farmer to apply stronger preventative measures. This is what we call precision farming.

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