Our Shared Efforts


The climate and nature crises are a significant threat to humanity, business, and society. But our biggest challenge is also our greatest opportunity. We are committed to helping our companies improve the industries in which they operate, thereby securing a more sustainable future for all.

Key figures 2022

Total emissions of CO2 equivalents from maritime (metric tonnes)
Total GHG emissions from aquaculture
Operating revenue (mnok)


Joining Efforts for a Sustainable Future



Our Sustainable Foundation Goals provide guidance for the world we want to be a part of. Our trusted position defines our role in the industries we operate. By emphasizing decent work and sound economic growth, we create an inclusive, transparent business-spirit. Collaborating, joining efforts with stakeholders, and sharing ideas and knowledge enables strong partnerships, allowing us to lead with positive change.



Our Sustainable Stretch Goals encourage us to innovate towards net zero. The Grieg Group Sustainability Advisory Committee (The SAC) addresses the main issues relevant to all companies, guiding, measuring, and managing our footprint internally between companies. Through our people and technology, we are committed to operational efficiency. Combining human expertise, with data-driven intelligence, we have set sail for decarbonizing our businesses, laying the foundation for the future we want.


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