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Reports / November 02 2022

Communications of Progress to the UN Global Compact


The Grieg Group is a proud member of the UN Global Compact. In accordance with our membership, we develop a report on our sustainability effort every year. The report below is the communication of progress for 2020.

In 2019 we incorporated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our business strategy and revised the strategy to meet the future as more resilient, more innovative, and more sustainable. The 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact are part of our business strategy and Group-wide KPIs. We are committed to practicing what we preach and further developing and strengthening our continuous sustainability work in all our industries.

2020 was a challenging year for the Grieg Group. Disrupted and volatile markets caused by the Covid-19 pandemic affected almost all parts of the Grieg Groups activities. Every company within the Grieg Group had to handle the challenges caused by the pandemic.

Many had to work from home and our crew members could not travel home to their loved ones. As our most valuable resource, the safety and health of our employees was the biggest priority for us throughout the entire year of 2020.

Even though the pandemic has been an actual human and business challenge, a crisis can also bring opportunities. For us, the crisis has resulted in an increased demand for more sustainable solutions and challenged us to seek new opportunities that create a better impact on society.

As a result, in 2020, we further strengthened our sustainability work at Group-level. Our sustainability agenda has been a successful catalyst for collaboration internally between Grieg companies, enabling us to leverage different competencies we have within the group to seek solutions to sector-specific challenges.

Our UN Global Compact membership has helped us navigate our sustainability efforts and we confirm our continued support and renew our commitment to the initiative and its ten principles.

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