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Reports / June 13 2024

Annual report 2023


The Grieg Group in 2023 continued its progress, delivering strong financial results and further strengthening the foundation for future growth.

All our businesses performed well, thanks to competent employees, more streamlined operations and improved markets. As owners of businesses that are connected by the ocean, we have a responsibility to be part of the solution to reduce climate change. All our companies took last year important steps to cut emissions and protect the planet. The ongoing
wars in Ukraine and the Middle East continued to cause human suffering and concerns related to increasing geo-political unrest. I am grateful that none of our operations nor colleagues was directly hampered or hurt by the conflicts.

The world around us is changing faster than ever before, making it more difficult to predict the future. As owners and business leaders, we must be prepared to navigate through rough seas, demonstrate flexibility and adapt to continuous change. ESG is certain to remain high on the agenda. International and national regulations are certain to impact our operations, and demands for transparency, documentation and reporting are here to stay. Technology and the use of data will provide new opportunities for automation and business development, impacting our lives at work and at home. I urge everyone to be curious and continue learning in whatever way you can.

On behalf of the Board of Grieg Maturitas, I sincerly thank all our dedicated colleagues for your commitment and contributions.

Elisabeth Grieg

Chair of the Board

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