Grieg Group's Star Harmonia - Cargo ship
Reports / April 30 2020

Annual Report 2019


2020 has unfortunately started in a way that none of us could have foreseen. The COVID-19 (the coronavirus) pandemic has spread across the globe, and no industry is unaffected and market situation is impacted.

During 2019 the Grieg Group continued to develop positively in most business areas. The year was characterized by consolidation and operation within new corporate structures, continued digitization of our services both nationally and internationally, and implementation of the UN’s Sustainability Goals in all our companies.

The Grieg Group had a total profit before tax of NOK 1,036 million, with a turnover of NOK 10,6 billions. Equity is NOK 7.9 billions (47%), and the Group is well positioned for the future and for today’s challenging markets with the COVID-19 outbreak.

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