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Healthy oceans and marine bio diversity are crucial for people.

And our business.

As with climate action, we will work towards a zero-effluent vision. All companies within the Group will work towards this target, but businesses in certain industries will be expected to take greater steps where the impact is greater. Our impact on marine resources will be carefully managed and we will be open and transparent about this impact as well as the results from the efforts we make to reduce it.

How we strive to create shared value

How we strive to create shared value for society and the Grieg Group

Oceans face the threats of pollution, resource depletion and climate change, all of which are caused primarily by human actions. These threats place further pressure on environmental systems, like biodiversity and natural infrastructure. In order to combat these issues and promote ocean sustainability, innovative solutions that prevent and mitigate detrimental impacts to marine environments are essential.

Grieg is dependent on a healthy ocean and marine bio-diversity for its business. We have to act responsible, seek solutions and be in the forefront.