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“Constructing this project is a major undertaking. We believe it is one of, if not the largest building to be constructed in the province.” Explains Thomas W. Grieg in an interview to the OGM Magazine.

Thomas W. Grieg was interview about his role in the Grieg project taking place in Marystown, Newfoundland through Grieg NL Seafarms Ltd. It is a big project for the province and for Grieg. The hatchery site is 21.000 sq.m. and will be producing 7 million smolt.

Read the whole interview with Thomas about salmon farming and growing up in the Grieg Family in the OGM Magazine by Tina Olivero

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Touring the Placentia Bay Site. Left to Right: Chris Pearson, Thomas Grieg, Knut Skeidsvoll and Anthony Ward.
The layout of the hatchery site in Marystown. The buildings from left to right includes: The hatchery and first feeding building, the nursery building and the Post Smolt A, B and C building. The 3 modules will be constructed separately.