Two hands showing food for fish farming
News / August 23 2022

Grieg Seafood Excludes Russian Feed Ingredients Due to War in Ukraine

Grieg Seafood

From the third quarter of 2022, Grieg Seafood excludes feed ingredient raw materials originating from Russia in its salmon feed.

“It is still hard to believe that there is an ongoing war in Europe in 2022. The situation in Ukraine remains extraordinary and heartbreaking. We have nothing against ordinary Russians, but we do not want to contribute to the Russian economy as long as the Russian state is using their resources to wage a war in Ukraine. That is why we are excluding feed ingredients from Russia from our salmon feed. The decision is based on extensive dialogue with our feed suppliers since the beginning of the war,” says Andreas Kvame, CEO of Grieg Seafood ASA.

Two hands showing food for fish farming
“This is first and foremost an ethical question. However, from a business perspective, it is also risky to keep Russian feed ingredients in our supply chains as consumers increasingly care about how the fish feed is sourced. Both the salmon industry, but also other animal protein industries, need to find feed raw materials with less risk elsewhere." Andreas Kvame, CEO of Grieg Seafood ASA

Soy and rapseed products from Russia have until the end of the second quarter been used in Grieg Seafood’s Norwegian feed. Russian ingredients have not been used in the company’s Canadian feed.

Grieg Seafood commends the feed supplier Biomar for the leadership they have shown by ending sourcing from Russia and Belarus. For suppliers who still source from these origins, the exclusion is based on a mass balance principle. In some cases, raw materials from new origins are introduced to accommodate the decision.

The exclusion also applies to feed ingredients from Belaus, as the country has taken part in Russia’s war efforts.

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