Man standing outside of the Grieg Group building in bergen - Jan Inge Krokeide, ICT Consultant Grieg group
Stories / October 05 2022

A Keyman in an “Invisible” Job

There are many people working behind the scenes to make the Grieg Group’s systems work as smoothly as possible. One of them is Jan Inge Krokeide (38): – Technology is at its best when no one notices it.

– Our job is to make it easier for our colleagues to do their job, says Jan Inge Krokeide.

At the head office in Bergen, he plays a key role in the Grieg Group’s IT department. From here, servers and networks are operated, and support systems and equipment are updated.


Beyond routine tasks

The days start with a brief, planning routine tasks together with the other IT colleagues in their corner on the sixth floor. But these plans are often replaced by the need to solve unforeseen problems. He thrives when problem-solving leads to better everyday lives for the employees.

– It can be as simple as helping someone who has an impractical desk setup. By giving some tips or setting aside five minutes to help them optimize their desktop, I might save them hours of frustration.

At the other end of the scale, it could mean going to work on a Saturday because a power outage has knocked out half of the infrastructure, and it needs to be sorted out before Monday morning.

Jan Inge loves these unforeseen days, but with the corona pandemic, everyday work changed overnight.

– It was hectic for the first two weeks, but then everything started working out. People adapted quickly and our core systems did exactly as we hoped. Solved problems instead of causing them. In the last lockdown, it almost got boring.

System updates and planned changes were put on hold to prevent us from ruining the flow of people in the home office.

– I really missed the buzz and the everyday challenges at the office.


Increased threat picture

During the corona pandemic, there were an ever-increasing number of cyber-attacks against the Grieg Group. Fishing for employees’ usernames and passwords, to get access to sensitive information, is still a big threat.

– This is an important area of focus for us, together with our partner Visolit. Our system stops many attacks every day.

For the employees in the Grieg Group, this may mean extra authentication steps, but in Jan Inge’s experience, the colleagues have a great understanding of the importance of security measures.

– No one wants to be the one who lets someone into the system – who sent money the wrong way or loses files, he says and continues:

– If we can make the everyday life of a colleague as painless as possible while taking care of safety – then we have done our job.


Small talk is key

Jan Inge describes himself as a technologist – a fan of everything that runs on electricity. But that does not mean he sets technology over people.

– When everyone worked from home, the meetings became more efficient, and small talk came down to a bare minimum. But I feel it is an important part of work life. If you are going to have a good working relationship with your colleagues, you need to know a little bit about how they are doing and what they do outside of work.

He praises the good unity between the colleagues in Bergen.

– There was never any question of whether my colleagues in Grieg Group Resources wanted to work mostly from home or the office after the close-down. Everyone wanted to return to the office, and that says a lot.


The annual 800 steps

With a challenging job, it’s important to be in good physical shape. There are a lot of active people in the Grieg Group, and there’s a long tradition of corporate sports.

In Bergen, Jan Inge is a facilitator for Grieg Team, making physical activity a natural part of the work life. Grieg Team has strength training and circuit training with an instructor twice a week and several regular activities during the year.

In addition, he is the facilitator for Grieg Team’s registration for the annual Stoltzekleiven Opp. The uphill race goes up to one of Bergen’s seven mountains, approximately 800 steps from the starting line.

– Everyone dreads Stoltzen. No one looks forward to it. You just look forward to finishing.

Nevertheless; a lot of people have stood on the starting line for the race from Grieg Team.

– Many have a love/hate relationship with the race. We get something in common to train towards, to dread, and most importantly – to talk about in the hallways.

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