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Education is the foundation for growth in every society. SOS Children´s Villages and Grieg Foundation have created a foundation that provides children getting to school safely, improve sanitation facilities and facilitate homework. This is operational in several communities within six African countries.

Girls face the biggest challenges

Creating equal opportunities for boys and girls

Girls usually constitute the main source of income, and several communities suffer from girls not going to school. There are simple steps that can make a big difference. Improving the sanitary facilities at the school in order to avoid girls being home a week every month is one example. Another example is to secure the school road in order to avoid the risk of being raped on the way home from school. Informing the parents that it is of equal importance having both their sons and daughters getting an education is yet an example of influencing in a positive manner. Thus, the girls must also have the opportunity to do their homework rather than watching their siblings and cook for the family before it gets too dark to study.


Million norwegian kroner supporting education

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