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Gry Larsen, former Secretary General at CARE Norway and state secretary at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is appointed new Leader Sustainability and Public Relations at Grieg Group:

– Sustainability within the Grieg Group has already been incorporated as a key value in our companies. My job is to make sure that our overall footprint is in line with the owners and companies ambitions and strategy. It is when sustainability becomes part of all work and decision-making processes that we succeeds, says Larsen.

The Grieg Group operates within several industries that must become more sustainable and climate-friendly. Important work is already being done within seafood and shipping, but these industries still have work to do:

– We have ambitions to become one of the most sustainable companies in the world. The UN Sustainable Development Goals is therefore our road-map for establishing new, profitable solutions. We will be role models in the industries in which we operate, and we will, through cooperation, contribute to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. With this as our baseline, it is clear that we have extra pressure on us, says Elisabeth Grieg, owner and chairman of the board of Grieg Maturitas.

Larsen will be responsible for how the companies within the Grieg Group can best contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and live up to global guidelines on responsible business:

– All work with sustainability must start with our self. The Grieg Group must continue to do the job, both internally and in business. We must be open and honest about challenges and report on what we do. For us to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the business community’s efforts are crucial. The business community has power and in the Grieg Group we will use this for real progress. We must show that it is possible and that sustainability is profitable, says Larsen.

Larsen has extensive international experience, which Elisabeth Grieg believes will strengthen Grieg’s work on sustainability:

– The most important sustainability goal is probably number 17: Partnership for the goals. A crucial learning point for us during Covid-19 has been that if you have to change the business, you are in fact able to. If we are to create results from the work with sustainability, we are dependent on cooperation, both nationally and globally. I am very happy that Gry with her background has agreed to join the team. We look forward to having her on board, says Grieg.

Until recently, Gry Larsen (b. 1975) was Secretary General of the aid organization CARE Norway. She joined CARE after many years in Norwegian politics. In the period from 2005-2013, she was first a political advisor and then State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 2002-2006 she was president of Norwegian Labour Youth. She has studied political science, history, the Middle East and North African knowledge.