News / April 05 2022

Grieg at NOR-Shipping 2022: Diversity and the Green Transition


The Nor-Shipping conference has started, and Grieg Group participates both on and off stage. We look forward to valuable sharing of knowledge and experience, getting together with our partners, and hopefully connecting with some new ones.

The biennial Nor-Shipping conference finally transpires this week, one year delayed due to Covid. It gathers some of the world’s leading maritime players, technology innovators, investors, and other industry stakeholders.

Several Grieg employees from Grieg Maritime Group, Grieg Shipbrokers, and Grieg Logistics attend the conference both in the main area at Lillestrøm and in Oslo.

“Nor-Shipping is an important platform for sustainable ocean development. We at Grieg have a burning belief that we can be a part of the solution, and our goal for the conference is to encourage others to be part of the journey with us,” says Matthew Duke, CEO of Grieg Maritime Group.

Ocean Leadership Conference. Photo by Nor-Shipping.

Leadership and diversity

Among the events Matthew participates in are the Nor-Shipping Ocean Leadership Conference and the ensuing Blue Talk kick-off, where he talked about diversity and what kind of leadership is close to his heart.

“We need to think about our most important assets: our people and our culture. The maritime industry is witnessing a perfect storm of decarbonizing, and it requires us to think differently,” Matthew said.

“But if we are all the same, we will all think the same. We need diverse teams who challenge each other to find the best ideas. We need a flat structure where people dare to disagree and lead us in new directions.”

Grieg Group's Matt Duke in a suit.
Matthew Duke, CEO Grieg Maritime Group

Looking toward the future

In addition to talking about diversity as a strategy, Matthew used the conference to explore other ways to support the green transition, such as green ammonia and the collaboration with the Zero Emission Energy Distribution at Sea (ZEEDS).

The event is also an opportunity for Grieg to connect with new partners, both in other shipping companies and in different sectors such as academia, finance, and the government.

In addition, Elisabeth Grieg, co-owner of the Grieg Group and chair of the Grieg Maturitas board, attended the UN Global Compact High-level meeting at the Prime Minister’s residence.

“The government has a vital role in the maritime industry’s green transition. They need to set the direction and determine the velocity of change. I believe it’s necessary to implement measures that make it expensive to do the wrong thing and secure the infrastructure that makes it easy to do the right thing.” Matthew Duke

“But we are optimistic in Grieg. We believe the industry is done looking back at the past. We’re ready to look toward the future.”