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Grieg Maturitas

Grieg Maturitas is the parent company of the Grieg Group, ensuring the owners’ short- and long-term interest in the Grieg Group. Grieg Maturitas is responsible for a profitable, financial and strategic development of the Grieg Group, and to stimulate a good corporate governance structure within the Group in all subsidiaries. Grieg Maturitas works together with and supports the subsidiaries with regards to financial restructuring and corporate issues. Grieg Maturitas AS manages Grieg Group Resources

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Grieg Group Resources

Grieg Group Resources AS is a shared service center for the companies in the Grieg Group. They provide services within management, finance and accounting, human resources, ICT, legal services, procurement, and information and communications. Grieg Group Resources represents an important support function for the Grieg Group, and is acting on behalf of the Group with regards to coordination and the fulfilling of common efforts and specific projects.