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The values shared by the Grieg Group shall be expressed in the way business is conducted and in interaction with each other, with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. The integrity of our employees and our shared values define the compass by which we navigate when doing business across the world: Open, Solid, Proud and Committed.

The integrity of our employees and our shared values define the compass by which we navigate


  • We have a long term approach to our businesses.
  • We contribute to a stable economic foundation and thus ensure business continuity.
  • We strive towards quality and competence.
  • We continuously work to keep our good standards and respect traditions and business relations.
  • We strive for a good company culture and act on sound ethical principles.
  • We show concern, and take care of each other and our environment.


  • We strive for, and celebrate good results.
  • We contribute to the welfare of our society, nationally and internationally.
  • We appreciate our colleagues and the competence that is present within the various business concepts.
  • We appreciate the methods, results and products that are created in the group.
  • We assume responsibility for maintaining and developing a good working environment and a solid brand name.


  • We strive for trust, respect and dialogue between the separate units and levels in the organization. We inform, invite and include.
  • We aim at transparency in our organization on organizational and ethical issues
  • We are honest, exchange ideas and seek to understand and learn from our colleagues.
  • We have an open minded business approach and strive to create room for action and possibilities.


  • We care about the job we do, work environment and the people around us.
  • We show enthusiasm in our work and in cooperation with others.
  • We are committed to common goals and values.
  • We accept responsibility for society and the environment.