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With our global collective experience, resilience and culture, we adopt technology and knowledge-sharing to drive a change both in business and the societies in which we operate. Our business is based on long-term partnerships, creating value within shipping, ship broking, maritime services & port operations, seafood, investments and finance.

The Grieg Group has its beginnings in a long and proud maritime tradition

Family owned Group

The Grieg Group has its beginnings in a long and proud maritime tradition. The Grieg Group is a familiy owned group, where the Grieg family owns 75% of the Grieg Group and Grieg Foundation owns 25%. Our structure as a family owned business, together with the strength of our company culture and our dedicated employees, gives us the ability to always view our business on the long-term prospective, and be responsive to changes in our business environment. The Grieg Group emphasizes on creating economic and social values in a long-term perspective.

Common value base

In order to maintain an ethical foundation for business and a strong and solid culture, we have four common core values; Solid, Proud, Open and Committed. The values define the compass by which we navigate when doing business across the world.