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The Grieg Group derives from a long and proud maritime tradition, and is led by the 4th and 5th generation Grieg family.

The Grieg Group

In 1884, Joachim Grieg established a shipbroking firm in Bergen, where the company continued to develop during the two world wars. In 1960 Per Grieg sr. joined the company and organized it into a specialized business. Today the Group is owned and led by 4th and 5th generation Grieg and consists of several companies worldwide.

The Grieg Group operates within seafood, shipping, shipbroking, maritime innovation, logistics, and investments. Across all businesses, we shall create lasting value through competence, experience and common efforts. Our mission is to restore our oceans, and we are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019 we incorporated the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in our business strategy and revised our business strategy to meet the future as more resilient, more innovative and more sustainable. The ocean connects our businesses, our people, our future, and our past. For more than 137 years, we have lived by and with the ocean.

Our people are our most valuable resource, and we believe they are essential to building our success. Our 1 710 employees operate in 8 countries, from Norway (headquarter) to the rest of Europe, USA, Canada and Asia. The Grieg family owns the Grieg Group through their holding company, Grieg Maturitas (75%), and the Grieg Foundation’s nonprofit organization (25%).

Grieg Foundation

Grieg Foundation is a celebration of our responsibility to create a more compassionate society. The Foundation believes that local engagement sparks improvement in people’s lives. The foundation’s role is to empower visionaries, talents and individuals with ideas and a strong sense of purpose and commitment. The Foundation were established in its present form in 2002, but for generations, the Grieg family has been conscious of leaving footprints, by giving back, by supporting humanitarian, social and cultural aspects of life. They are committed to improving the lives of future generations through the support of projects and initiatives that create a meaningful change for individuals and communities.

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