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Climate change is the biggest threat to humanity,

But also creates new opportunities for companies and society.

We have a vision of zero net emissions operations in all industries in which we operate. We will also continue to be an advocate for zero emissions operations in all relevant industries and increase awareness internally and in dialogue with key stakeholders.

How we strive to create shared value

How we strive to create shared value for society and the Grieg Group

Climate change is a common term used to describe the direct and indirect effects of rising temperatures caused by emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses. To achieve the Paris Agreement goal of limiting the global temperature increase to well below 2°C, we need to transform the way we live and work.

Grieg Group causes climate change through emissions from vessels, especially SOx, NOXand CO2. In addition, other pollutants such as black carbon may contribute to global warming.

The effects of climate change can have a direct impact on our business; in shipping, logistic and the aquaculture, but also on our financial investment -and industry. Working towards a zero net emission target will benefit both society and our companies.