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When the Grieg Group celebrated its first 100 years, the world looked very different. There were no cell phones, no one had computers at home and we barely had computers on our ships. The markets were different and the Grieg Group was smaller, the pace of change was slower and the reach of the impact shorter. The future is not a roller-coaster where we cling on to our seat, close our eyes and hope for the best.    

The next 30 years are crucial

Climate change is the biggest challenge

Over the next 30 years we will be over 2 billion more people on our planet, and most of us will be living in cities. In fact, cities are growing at a pace of more than one Bergen every other day. Or 7 Singapores a year. Half of the world’s poorest have been lifted out of extreme poverty over the last two decades. We are on track to eliminate extreme poverty and improve the lives of all in our generation. But there is a flip side to this coin. Because of the increased energy demand, climate change and the consequence of global warming has become THE biggest challenge we are facing on the planet today.

2 bill.

more people on our planet over the next 30 years

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