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Grieg Foundation engage in the environment and environmental friendly projects on a global basis. We aim to involve ourselves in projects where we can make a difference and Christine Spiten’s Exxpedtion is one that can help change the global view on marine littering. November 2015 the young entrepreneur started a research journey across the Atlantic Ocean to identify relationships between marine litter and health issues.

Engaging in environmental projects globally

The oceans are our workfield

There are millions of tonnes of plastic in unknown locations in the ocean. In order to understand potential impacts, it is important to try to determine the location and form of this plastic. This is the goal of the Pangaea exploration’s Exxpedition.
In our environment, plastic physically degrades into smaller fragments and pieces, called microplastic, that absorb persistent organic pollutants and have been shown to transfer contaminants to fish. There has been done little research on the connection between marine litter and human health, but these are issues that scientists recently have become aware of – in line with increased focus on the ocean as important source of food and resources.


the marine biodegradation time of a plastic coffee spoon

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