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Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Grieg Group, has awarded Frøy Gudbrandsen in BT this year’s Sunniva Award.

The Sunniva award is intended as a motivation to bring more women into leading positions and ensure a diversity in business at management level. The prize is handed out by Bergen Næringsråd in cooperation with the Grieg Group.

The jury for the prize has been appointed by Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry and consists of Elna-Kathrine Grieg from the Grieg Group, Elin Sarai from EY and Kjetil Smørås from De Bergenske.

This is the jury’s statement:
This year’s Sunniva is an exciting and a non-traditional choice. She has a doctor degree in political science from the university of Bergen. She took her bachelor’s degree in University of Sheffield which included research studies in Germany. She has work experience both from the academic community and media.

This year’s Sunniva has a distinct voice in the public debate. She has a high level of knowledge in most of the political and social questions. This has made her a frequent guest in both regional and national media.

As a leader she is described as including, listening and demanding. This means that she expects a lot from her co-workers, but in an inspiring and motivating way. Her employees experience that she can see their strengths and are using more time with each employee for him or her to develop in a best possible way.

This year’s winner works in a business which is adjusting. This means that she also must be prepared in change management and make sure that the company becomes more digital.

The winner has had a fast-growing career in her business. She started without experience from the business and quickly got more responsibility.

One of her references, chief editor Gard Steiro in VG, has expressed that this year’s winner can be what she wants. She can take a role within her special field as migration and refugee politic, but she can also be a leading politician. By giving this year’s Sunniva to her, will give a signal in a business that is working to get more women in leading positions.

This year’s winner is an important voice for Bergen and the region. She is a voice in the public debate and she manages both debate and commentator groups in the city’s biggest media house.

The jury think that this year’s winner appears as a reflective and courageous leader who has a great potential for further growth in her career.

Former winners of the Sunniva Award:
• Marianne Wik Sætre (2017)
• Ingrid Agasøster (2016)
• Helene Kubon Skulstad (2015)
• Tove Ormevik (2014)
• Kathleen Mathisen (2013)
• Veslemøy Tvedt Fredriksen (2012)
• Linn Cecilie Moholt (2011)
• Siv Juvik Tveitnes (2010)
• Jeanette Heggland Søvik (2009)
• Yvonne Torgersen (2008)
• Lise Reinertsen (2007)
• Sølvi Rolland (2006)
• Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer (2005)
• Vibeke Eriksen (2004)
• Janne Vangen Solheim (2003)
• Helga Raa (2002)
• Marit Warncke (2001)
• Irene Kyte (2000)

Source: Bergens Næringsråd
Foto: Max Igland