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The Grieg Group in collaboration with Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, awarded today a courageous and socially committed leader talent Ragnhild Janbu Fresvik, Executive Vice President of Corporate Market at Sparebanken Vest, this year’s Sunniva.

We received many good candidates, and the nomination shows that there is no lack of talented women leaders that are working to increase diversity in business. In the Grieg Group we have a strong focus on diversity and are glad to be presenting this award for the seventh time together with Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
-Elna Kathrine Grieg, Owner, Grieg Maturitas

The Sunniva award is intended to be a motivation to get more women in senior positions and ensure diversity in business at management level. The jury for the prize has been appointed by Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry and consists of Elna Kathrine Grieg from the Grieg Group, Elin Sarai from UIB and Aslak Sverdrup from Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This year’s winner has a degree from the Norwegian school of Economics (NHH). Her professional knowledge is described as brilliant and her career path confirms that she is a woman with high working capacity. She has also been a voice for the green shift and sustainable business models, is frequently in the media and a speaker at local and national conferences.

In her leadership philosophy she believes that there are two things you cannot delegate – to set a clear direction and to develop our employees.

The jury hopes to see this year’s Sunniva in an even more leading position in the future.

Source: Bergens Næringsråd
Photo: Veronika Stuksrud