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Organisation and transformation expert Sirine Fodstad joined Grieg Maturitas as CEO on June 1st. The recruitment is a part of the company’s strategy to grow internal competence and development of the Grieg Group.

“I joined on the 1st of June and received a very warm welcome to the organisation. I am looking forward getting to know the different businesses, and to get an understanding of key challenges and opportunities we are currently facing,” Sirine Fodstad says.

The Grieg family has managed and governed their ownership of the Grieg Group through Grieg Maturitas for many years. The hiring of Fodstad is a part of strengthening the company in some vital areas for the Grieg Group.

“The role and performance of ownership must evolve just like every other branch of our business. As a global industrial owner, we aim to create lasting values. Our ambitions are high, and our commitment is strong,” says Chair of the Board of Grieg Maturitas, Elisabeth Grieg.

Areas such as safeguarding and expansion of the Grieg brand, support of strategic development, risk management and capital allocations, as well as initiatives to foster the pool of talents, communication and sharing of best practices will be given increased priority.

Sirine Fodstad will spend her time both in Oslo and Bergen. She will work closely with the owners and the Grieg Maturitas Board in order to develop future initiatives and strategy for the Group.

“Through the recruitment process, we have found Sirine to be an outspoken, knowledgeable, creative and strategic leader, with a strong understanding of the challenges and opportunities in our business. We are glad to have Sirine onboard,” says Elisabeth Grieg.

“My first impression is that we are lucky to have so many dedicated, loyal people. To me it seems there is no lack of initiative and good intentions, coupled with solid subject matter expertise. This provides us with a great platform from which to excel further to ensure we are more robust and even better equipped for future challenges”, says Sirine Fodstad.

Sirine Fodstad joined Grieg Maturitas on the 1st of June from a position as Chief Human Resources Officer at Norges Bank Investment Management. She has a long career in international business, spending 17 years working outside Norway.

The outgoing CEO, Wenche Kjølås, will continue as CFO for Grieg Maturitas and CEO for Grieg Group Resources.

“We are truly grateful for the leadership Wenche Kjølås has exercised as CEO of Grieg Maturitas since 2009, and we are very pleased that she will continue as CFO”, says Elisabeth Grieg.

Sirine Fodstad, CEO Grieg Maturitas, +47 47707202
Elisabeth Grieg, Chair Grieg Maturitas; +47 55576600

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