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The well-known Norwegian foundation, Stine Sofie Stiftelsen, established after the cruel “Barneheia Murders” where two young girls were brutally raped and murdered in 2000 is our newest sponsor project in Grieg Foundation.

SUPERHEROES // All children who survive violence are superheroes for us. At the center, we hope to contribute to bring out the the superpowers for a better future for them»
– Ada Sofie Austgaard, leader of Stine Sofie Stiftelsen

Stine Sofie Foundation was established in Grimstad (South Norway) after the “Baneheia murders” in Kristiansand 19 May 2000, in which Lena (10 years) and Stine Sofie (8 years) was brutally raped and murdered. The foundation was founded by Stine Sofie’s mother, Ada Sofie Austegard and Bente Bergseth, who have experienced violence in her childhood. Together they wanted to improve legal protection for abused children and their families, and prevent children from being exposed to violence and abuse.

The Foundation has ever since worked continuously to help improve the Norwegian criminal justice system and to inform and advise key positions in institutions that involves children; maternity clinics, kindergartens, schools and more.

In addition they arrange benefit concerts, tribunals, lectures and there is a long list of actions taken to be able to affect and strengthen the legal rights of children.


The new National Mastering Center for Violence Abused Children in Grimstad, Norway, established and administrated by Stine Sofie Stiftelsen.

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The dining room will be an important gathering point at the center.

In Norway, the brutal “Barneheia Murders” sent shock waves through the entire population and attracted massive media attention also abroad. Here, the case still arouses strong feelings, and most people are aware of the incredibly brave engagement and work initiated and carried out by one of the girl’s mother for preventing this from happening again, and to improve children’s criminal justice.
We all owe this organisation a gratefulness almost impossible to express, for engaging in all children’s rights, and are therefore proud to have Stine Sofie Stiftelsen as one of our new sponsor projects.

In 2016, Grieg Foundation contribute with MNOK 2,6 to Stine Sofie Stiftelsen. More specifically our donation helps realize the building and establishment of the new National Mastering Center for Violence Abused Children, located in Grimstad, Norway.

Stine Sofie Foundation is facing major investments in order to prepare Stine Sofie Mastering Center to accommodate child victims of violence, their safe caretakers and siblings at the end of August.

– Although purchased property with existing buildings are very well suited for our purposes, costly repairs were required. The realization would not have been possible without Grieg Foundation’s support, which we are very grateful for, says Ada Sofie Austegard, manager of the foundation.

We are looking forward to follow Stine Sofie Stiftelsen.

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