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Grieg Logistics-owned Seamless joins CMR with 30 pct of the shares to revolutionize international port operations.

Today, 30 pct. of the shares in the Grieg Logistics-owned software company Seamless AS was transferred to Christian Michelsen Research (CMR).  Now starts a joint venture to develop programs towards a flexible, web-based logistics system with the objective of revolutionize Norwegian and international port operations.

Seamless is already working to develop new logistics tools. It will be an online tool with new levels of flexibility that allows it to be used from anywhere and on any type of devices.

Researchers and engineers from CMR will now be working with Seamless to create the new tool. CMR has solid competence and experience in the development and commercialization of maritime solutions. Seamless will use this expertise to further development of their products.

The rights to the partly Grieg Logistics-developed prototype Synchroport will at the same time be transferred to Seamless which will commercialize the software through their product portfolio.

– This fits “like a glove” into our ambition to develop Seamless to be the leading provider of maritime logistics  solutions and ERP-systems, says Rune Birkeland, Chairman of Seamless and CEO of Grieg Logistics, and adds:

– In Grieg we have market presence and market knowledge and financial muscles. CMR has expertice and experience in maritime operations and the development of IT companies that are now becoming useful in the development of Seamless.

Based out of Kristiansand, southern Norway, Seamless is currently covering more than 80 pct. of the Norwegian ports. The company was established in 2006 and develops and delivers software solutions for ports and industrial terminals.

– We have ambitious goals for Seamless and what we intend to deliver to the market. We are therefore very pleased to now have CMR on the ownership side. This will ensure that Seamless can carry out the necessary modernization of our existing systems that are presented to current customers, says Øystein Chr. Løken, Managing Director of Seamless. In addition, it will contribute to high pace of innovation in the years ahead.

Christian Michelsen Research (CMR), Norway’s oldest Polytechnic Institute with address Bergen, has since 2007 developed Synchroport. Synchroport is a software with the aim to reduce the environmental and operating costs for both the shipping –and port operations. The prototype has been tested at Mosjøen Indutrial Terminal (Grieg Logistics).

Photo, from left: Christopher Giertsen (Director of Business Development CMR Group), Arvid Nøttvedt (CEO, CMR Group), Elna-Kathrine Grieg  (Grieg Group), Morten Graff (VP Ships Services, Grieg Logistics) and Rune Birkeland (CEO Grieg Logistics). Photo: Grieg Group.


Grieg Logistics
Rune Birkeland, CEO
M: + 47 928 55 181

Øystein Chr. Løken, Managing Director
M: +47 481 24 144

Christian Michelsen Research
Arvid Nøttvedt , CEO
M: +47 480 48 694

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