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GSF Q2 2015 - A challenging quarter for Grieg Seafood

August 19 2015

Low prices realised in some markets had a negative impact on the overall performance. The American market remains weak, and in Shetland a large proportion of small fish resulted in lower income. The level of fixed price contracts was low in Q2, the same can be expected for Q3.

Profit warning: High costs in Q2 for Grieg Seafood

July 15 2015

The Q2 2015 results for GSF will reflect high costs, as advised in connection with the presentation of Q1 earlier this year. The performance has also been affected by lower realised prices in some markets

Seamless join forces with CMR

June 25 2015

Grieg Logistics-owned Seamless joins CMR with 30 pct of the shares to revolutionize international port operations.

New Managing Director in Seamless

June 24 2015

Øystein Chr. Løken has taken over the responsibility as Managing Director of Seamless after Ingelin Drøpping as of July 1, 2015,  and will continue strengthening Seamless’ position as a leading maritime supplier in Norway.

Eli Vassenden receives WISTA award

June 2 2015

We are proud to announce that Grieg Star's eminent COO Ship Management, Eli Vassenden, today has been awarded the WISTA Leadership Award 2015.

Press release: Efficient cranes provide cleaner air

May 28 2015

Enova SF is investing NOK 1,15 million in the Grieg Star Group. The cranes on Grieg Star’s ships will soon be able to charge batteries when lowering cargo –in the same way an electric car charges its battery when braking.