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Taking leading position on shore power to Norwegian ports

June 1 2017

Seamless works with Bergen Port Authority (Bergen og Omland Havnevesen - BOH) on development and effective implementation of shore power as an important part of the digitalization of Norwegian ports. The introduction of shore power to big ships also has an obvious environmental benefit that contributes to energy efficiency of maritime transport and reduced emissions in ports.

Frame agreement with The Norwegian Armed Forces

May 15 2017

The new established company Grieg Strategic Services AS enters into a strategic partnership with the Armed Forces. The company will assist with logistical support for military operations and exercises, in peace, crisis and in war.

The business of sustainable salmon

April 19 2017

We are pleased to share that Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) has today been published in the US edition of the Huffington Post, reaching out to more than 60 mill readers globally every week. Per Grieg jr., GSI Co-chair, works for improved sustainability and visibility of the salmon industry on a global basis, as is also the focus of Grieg Seafood.

Press release: Strong salmon market, digitalization and new joint venture

April 6 2017

Annual Report 2016 released // A historically strong seafood market, provided the Grieg Group with good results in 2016. The overall operating profit (EBIT) was NOK 1.3 billion on a turnover of NOK 11 billion. The pre-tax profit was NOK 870 million. The shipping business had another weak year, while many of the Grieg Group’s other companies delivered good results.

MNOK 1,7 in subsidies to port cooperation in 2017

January 25 2017

Grieg Logistics owned Seamless has together with 7 Norwegian ports received support from The Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket ) of MNOK 1,7 for digitization and automation of data acquisition of cargo documentation.