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Grieg Group, in collaboration with Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, awarded today Marianne Wik Sætre in Fana Sparebank the Sunniva Award, as a young, aspiring, female leader talent.

The Sunniva Award was awarded for the eighteenth time and is intended to be a motivation to get more women in leading positions. The prize is awarded by Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bergen Næringsråd) in cooperation with the Grieg Group.

The jury for the prize has been appointed by the Bergen Næringsråd and consists of Elna-Kathrine Grieg from the Grieg Group, Kathleen Mathisen from Grieg Seafood and Kjetil Smørås from De Bergenske. This is the jury’s statement:

“This year’s Sunniva wins in an industry with increased global competition and high rate of change. This requires the industrial actors to take steps to position themselves for the future. Innovation and change capacity is a prerequisite for success.

This year’s Sunniva is a pioneer of just this. This year’s Sunniva is referred to as a person with a humble approach, and is good at including employees – but who is also distinct and dare to make unpopular decisions. In her current position, she has broken down walls to promote interaction at the workplace – both mentally and physically. By being a unifying leader, she has managed to create an innovative and interdisciplinary department geared for change.

In several of her managing positions, she has shown an impressive ability to get into unknown waters. She has conducted successful change processes in industries she had little or no knowledge of beforehand. By learning from her colleagues, however, she has gained a lot of knowledge about insurance, IT and banking. This year’s winner is in that respect a financial technology leader.”

Modern leader
-Management is about getting the team to know where to go and actually want to get there, not about detailing. A modern leader sees the different needs of both individuals and teams, but does not prevent her from setting a clear direction. In an industry with such major changes over a long period of time, it is impressive and inspiring to see what Marianne has gained in this area. The business needs female role models, and this year’s Sunniva naturally adds itself to the range of the former award winners, says the leader of the jury, Elna-Kathrine Grieg.

For the first time, this year the finalists were announced during the award ceremony. In addition to the winner, three strong candidates were interviewed. The finalists were Ingeborg Faye Vågsholm in Sbanken, Catarina Martins in Marine Harvest and Caroline Gjerding in Amesto AccountHouse

Former winners of the Sunniva Award:
• Ingrid Agasøster (2016)
• Helene Kubon Skulstad (2015)
• Tove Ormevik (2014)
• Kathleen Mathisen (2013)
• Veslemøy Tvedt Fredriksen (2012)
• Linn Cecilie Moholt (2011)
• Siv Juvik Tveitnes (2010)
• Jeanette Heggland Søvik (2009)
• Yvonne Torgersen (2008)
• Lise Reinertsen (2007)
• Sølvi Rolland (2006)
• Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer (2005)
• Vibeke Eriksen (2004)
• Janne Vangen Solheim (2003)
• Helga Raa (2002)
• Marit Warncke (2001)
• Irene Kyte (2000)

Source: Bergens Næringsråd