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For the fourth time, Grieg Group, in collaboration with Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, awarded today a young, aspiring, female leader talent with the Sunniva Award. Ingrid Agasøster from the international media technology company Vizrt recieved the prize for her important work to building up the company.

The Award is intended to be a motivation to get more women in senior positions and ensure a diversity in business at management level. This reflects one of our goals in the Grieg Group very well. The award is named after the patron saint of Bergen, St.Sunniva, and was handed out for the 17th time today.

About the winner
Ingrid Agasøster joined Vizrt as a programmer in 2003. Just a year later she became manager for Vizrt in Atlanta, where she played a central role in establishing CNN as one of Vizrt first and most important international customers.

Back in Bergen she established Vizrt’s so-called Orange Team, which is responsible for global marketing-, communication and documentation activities. As Head of Marketing & Communication Orange Team, she had both profit and professional responsibility, with particular focus on the global visibility and branding. In 2014, Ingrid Agasøster over as Executive Vice President of Products & Marketing and is thus part of the company’s management team.

The Jury’s statement
“This year’s Sunniva winner has for several years worked her way up in an industry developing rapidly. During building of the company that today is a world leading performer within media technology, this year’s winner played an important role. In recent years, she built up the company’s marketing department.

This year’s Sunniva is characterized as a person taking on challenges with ease, constantly seeking to improve. She communicates with a clear tone of voice, is strategic and safe in decision making, and has considerable knowledge of the International media technology market. She has the ability to think innovatively, large and internationally.

She has seized opportunities that have come her way, and been assigned responsibility. As a leader, she is aware of that, and give others the same opportunity. She works in an industry and a business where deadlines are often short. The ability to handle many things and at the same time stay focused, are important important qualities, which this year’s Sunniva fully master.

Through her positive leadership, she stands out as a highly skilled leader of an international company.”

The Jury
Jury of the year is Kjetil Smørås, Øyulf Hjertenes, Kathleen Mathisen and Elna-Kathrine Grieg. Krister Hoaas has been secretary of the jury.

Previous winner of the Sunniva Award:
• 2015 – Helene Kubon Skulstad
• 2014 – Tove Ormevik
• 2013 – Kathleen Mathiesen
• 2012 – Veslemøy Tvedt Fredriksen
• 2011 – Linn Cecilie Moholt
• 2010 – Siv Juvik Tveitnes
• 2009 – Jeanette Heggland Søvik
• 2008 – Yvonne Torgersen
• 2007 – Lise Reinertsen
• 2006 – Sølvi Rolland
• 2005 – Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer
• 2004 – Vibeke Eriksen
• 2003 – Janne Vangen Solheim
• 2002 – Helga Raa
• 2001 – Marit Warncke
• 2000 – Irene Kyte