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At Arendalsuka 2021, Grieg Group and Grieg Edge participated in promoting sustainability, equality, and the future for zero emissions in the maritime industry.

Grieg Group and Grieg Edge visited Arendal for three days, participating at the annual Arendalsuka earlier in August – a week-long event gathering politicians, organizations, businesses, and others to debate and discuss the most urgent challenges society is facing today. Grieg participated in discussions that mainly faced topics such as:

  • Green maritime solutions and zero energy distribution at sea
  • Equality in the maritime industry
  • Communications and sustainability
  • Why do we need a global treaty to prevent plastic waste in the ocean?
  • Why should leaders and chairpersons participate in the public debate?

Among many events, Grieg Edge and Wärtsila, which aims to build the world’s first ammonia tanker, held an event discussing business opportunities when moving towards zero-emission in shipping. The event is available for you all to watch.

Grieg Edge and Wärtsila at Arendalsuka, together with UN Global Compact