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The COVID-19 epidemic is affecting the society and the world economy. The companies in the Grieg Group have adjusted our operations to secure the health and safety of everyone. The commitment shown by the members of our teams, ensure that we are able to continue operations as normal as possible given the circumstances, and activity in our companies is running as planned.

In this extraordinary situation we are once again reminded of our gratefulness to the medical professionals and health workers who work tirelessly to save lives, and the numerous professionals and volunteers assisting in this society-wide effort to stop the epidemic.

We all have a shared responsibility for stopping the spread of the coronavirus. A number of measures have been taken by the companies in the Grieg Group to ensure safe operations across the group. Among them are:

• All office-based personnel are working from home except for all essential roles.
• All travel is postponed except for critical operations.
• Guidelines have been developed to ensure safety on our ships, fish farming operations and other facilities.

The Grieg Group Emergency Response Team closely monitors the development of the COVID-19 epidemic. Group policies on the COVID-19 situation are aligned with the regulations and the advice made by health authorities in the countries we operate.

The COVID-19 epidemic creates vast challenges for the world economy. The companies in the Grieg Group are robust, and while we are working in new ways, we continue to run effective operations in all companies across the Grieg Group adjusted to the current circumstances.

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