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– She has a strong and clear voice and a heartfelt engagement in the social debate, says the YS jury about Elisabeth Grieg. Grieg has repeatedly occured in Norwegian media, stating her opinion on male dominance in business.

When the Telenor board chose a new male CEO this year, Grieg’s reaction on twitter caused a massive media storm during the summer of 2015.
This October Grieg was awarded YS’ Gender Equality Award.

Grieg is in a position where she does not have to work for these issues, but she does it anyway, says the YS-jury. They believe Elisabeth Grieg helps to inspire women in business and employment. Her statements are noticed, they say, as she is rated as one of the most influential women in Norway.

The YS’ (The Confederation of Vocational Unions , Norway) Equality Award was instituted in 1988. Among previous winners are Eva Joly and activists Kadra and Amal Aden.

– The discussion Grieg rose about the board election of Telenor, will clearly affect the future selection of leaders into government-owned corporations,  says Hans-Erik Skjæggerud, jury chairman and manager of the union “Parat”.

Norway is currrently in 50th place at the UN Labour Organization ILO list of women in management.