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We are pleased to share that Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) has today been published in the US edition of the Huffington Post, reaching out to more than 60 mill readers globally every week. Per Grieg jr., GSI Co-chair, works for improved sustainability and visibility of the salmon industry on a global basis, as is also the focus of Grieg Seafood.

The feature gives a very positive and honest overview to the GSI – its establishment, activities, and overall ambitions. The piece includes a number of great quotes, including one from Jason Clay, WWF, which reads: “The biggest impact of the GSI is going to be on the rest of the food industry. This is an example of how a few CEOs and their companies can change an entire sector, in a very short amount of time.”

Read the Huffington Post feature her: The business of sustainable salmon

The Huffington Post is one of the largest and most prominent online media resources with over 63 million unique monthly visitors. It is also one of the main outlets read by many of our stakeholders and desired audiences.

GSI’s mission

The Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) is a leadership initiative by global farmed salmon producers, focused on making significant progress towards fully realizing a shared goal of providing a highly sustainable source of healthy protein to feed a growing global population, whilst minimizing our environmental footprint, and continuing to improve our social contribution.

Grieg Seafood is member of GSI.

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