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Grieg Seafood ASA 2016 Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2016 released today.

– As 2015 went down in history as a challenging year for the entire aquaculture industry, 2016 arose with great opportunities for Grieg Seafood to demonstrate what we stand for and can achieve. For our shareholders, our employees and the excellent natural resource we are set to manage, says CEO Andreas Kvame in the report’s lead.

Throughout 2016, the value of our fish and licenses demonstrated a positive development. In addition, we have obtained a higher production volume, our capacity and license utilisation has improved, and we have achieved good remarks on fish health and welfare. Grieg Seafood attaches great importance to environmental sustainability standards. In 2016, we have implemented four green licenses in Finnmark, and more are underway.

The number of employees has been stable, and we experience a high degree both of thriving and mastering of tasks at all levels of the organisation. Although there are many positive features to note from the market situation and fulfillment of previous targets, it is always important to remind everyone that salmon production always faces substantial risks. The risks relate to biology, price fluctuations, international trade conditions and changes in external conitions. Hence, our risk management procedures are under constant supervision, and in 2017, we will do everything in our power to preserve a stable and secure production platform. As CEO of Grieg Seafood expresses it, – I have set some goals myself for next year: We will deliver better than budget, we will continue to grow a profitable and sustainable business, and we will work together to achieve perfection.

Please find the reports enclosed:

Grieg Seafood ASA Annual Report 2016
Grieg Seafood ASA Sustainability Report 2016