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Grieg Foundation together with GC Rieber-foundation and the Kavli trust, has sponsored the project Brain and the Gut by VilVite.

In the spring 2020 VilVite will open a new exhibition that conveys how the brain and gut interact, and how the diet can affect both mood, cognitive capacity and memory.

– Mental health is basic. Grieg Foundation participates in this project to create an interest in the brain and gut and to raise awareness of the connections between them. We wish VilVite good luck with the good and important work done in this field, says Elna-Kathrine Grieg, Chair, Grieg Foundation.

Read the article about the exhibition here

About VillVite

VilVite is a science centre as well as a learning centre for technology and the natural sciences. The centres’ primary concern is conveying the excitement of scientific work and experiments, rather than just the scientific results. Science centres invite people of all ages to experience this and are especially targeting schoolchildren and youth.

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