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Grieg Shipbrokers mandate to sell Research Vessel Håkon Mosby  for «Havforskingsinstituttet» (IMR).

Grieg Shipbrokers has known IMR for many years and have previously assisted them with their newbuilding currently under construction.

Through market competition we were awarded the contract to sell their Research and Geotechnical vessel the RV Håkon Mosby. She is built in Norway, operated by Norwegian crew, and have sailed in Norwegian waters her whole life. She traded first with the University of Bergen, but was later incorporated in IMR fleet of specialized research vessels. She has been modified in recent years, and have to day a drop down keel with Echo sonar, Simrad sonar and other geotechnical aiding equipment.

For further details, please contact:
Erik Greve-Isdahl at telephone +47 5557 6711 or by mail at