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Thinking long term, pays off. It is the cornerstone of all our investments and each investment product must have a meaningful impact on the overall portfolio. In the Grieg Group, Grieg Investor and Grieg Kapital are two main companies conducting investment services on behalf of both the Grieg Group portfolio, and other customers.

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Grieg Investor

Grieg Investor provides independent investment services to institutional investors, focusing on customized solutions. We have a leading position in our business segments; pension funds, foundations and endowments, family offices and municipalities. We have offices in Oslo, Stavanger and Trondheim. In total, there are 22 dedicated investment professionals working in the company, of whom many of us have worked together for more than ten years.

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Grieg Kapital

Grieg Kapital is a newly established company and shall be a unifying investment and asset management company within the Grieg Group. The company’s mandate is to safeguard and develop its financial asset portfolio. The Grieg Group’s policy for responsible investments is part of the company’s business strategy and Grieg Kapital is in the process of establishing their UN Sustainable Development Goals.